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Fundraising program for schools and nonprofits in South Carolina.

In addition to a two-decade career as a stage hypnotist and mentalist, John Bates Childress has had a highly successful career as a nonprofit fundraiser. He is the founder and CEO of Donorcentric Development, a national fundraising consulting firm.

Combining his two interests, he has developed a program to raise money for school groups and nonprofits with Mindmajik.

What makes this program special is that there is no upfront cost to the school group or nonprofit booking the show. Instead of charging an upfront fee like most performers, Mindmajik will split the event ticket sales with the organization.

Another unique feature of this fundraising program is that organizations that choose to have a fundraising event with Mindmajik will receive a Guide to Success created by John Bates Childress specifically for this program. This guide comes with a timeline and task list, it explains in detail how to market your event, and a list of ways you can supplement the event’s income, including how to attract an underwriting sponsor.

Finally, John Bates Childress won’t just show up at the event after a long period of radio silence. He will work closely with your organization every step of the way.

You might ask why John Bates is so willing to make this extra effort with no upfront payment. It is really this simple – he wants the event to succeed, he wants the audience to have a phenomenal experience and he wants your organization to look good, because if those things happen John Bates knows you will book the show again for next year, and you will sell more tickets, and everyone will make more money.

How much money can you make?

In theory there is no limit to how much you can make!

But if you sell just 100 tickets at $15 each, that’s $1,500. After you pay John Bates 50% of the ticket sales you will make $750. You can supplement that amount with some extra money from selling raffle tickets or getting a sponsorship or any of the other ways outlined in the Guide to Success – and you keep 100% of that revenue!

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